Digging Wells

I remember the night that I gave my life to Christ. Our family had just been to a church revival and I felt the irresistible pull on my heart to surrender it to Jesus. My parents prayed with me that night to receive my salvation and I can honestly say I never looked back. That’s not to say that I haven’t had my fair share of sin and rebellion in my life or that it has been free from pain; quite the opposite actually. But there has never been a time when I didn’t want Jesus in my life.

Shortly after that transformational night, my parents presented me with my very own Bible. It was maroon leather with my name engraved in gold lettering. I carried it around with me for years, doodling in the margins, allowing it to get dog-eared in my backpack, and even spilling a soft drink or two on it. I wish I could say that I was as reverent with God’s Word as my parents would have preferred for me to be, but the truth is I wasn’t. Yet that didn’t stop His Word from transferring from the page to my thirsty soul time after time. It was a deep well that had been gifted to me by my wise parents. However, it was up to me if I would draw from it or not.

Genesis 26 tells of how the wells that Abraham had dug to provide him and his family with life-sustaining water were stopped up by the Philistines after his death, rendering them useless for the next generation. But because Abraham’s son, Isaac, knew the importance of these wells, he reopened them and gave them the same names that his father had given them. However, Isaac didn’t stop there. He had his servants continue to dig until they found fresh water of their own and many more wells were added under Isaac’s leadership.

Just as Abraham was faithful to dig wells for his descendants, so were my parents to dig a well that they knew would sustain me through the good times and the bad, even if I did allow it to get stopped up from time to time. But I cannot stop there. Just as Isaac did, I too must be faithful to dig wells for my own children so that they can have access to God’s life-sustaining Word. Digging wells so that the next generation may know and experience Christ’s all-encompassing love.

1 thought on “Digging Wells”

  1. Date:12 – 12 – 2023.
    Pastor April Rodgers,
    Greetings in Jesus Mighty Name and God Bless You for your lavished light 🕯️ of God’s word in a unique way.
    Surely I hadn’t seen the Genesis 26 Wells in the Light of how you presented it to me.
    The truth is that, I have preached it many times but not in this context, God Bless You Woman of God, Kindly read an email I sent to you earlier and God Bless You.
    Thank You.
    Sincerely in the Lord.
    Bishop Abraham Jonathan Musomba.
    Royal Kings International Ministries Church.

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