Take Your Seat

There once was an uber-wealthy woman who had worked her whole life to accumulate a sizeable estate, yet this woman was very generous with her money. At her passing the community both mourned and celebrated her life while waiting with eager anticipation to see what her heirs would do with their portion of the wealth. Would they be as giving as she was or would they blow through the money? Only time would tell. 

Yet when the day came for the heirs to be present for the reading of the will, the community was shocked to hear that the eldest daughter rejected her inheritance because she had made some poor decisions in her past and didn’t feel worthy enough to receive it.  The son listened to the reading of the will, but because he didn’t understand the legal terms he walked away from his inheritance, too prideful to ask questions and seek answers from the advisors. Worst of all, the baby of the family, who lived out of state, was simply too lazy to travel home to collect his portion of the proceeds. 

The community was outraged by the heirs’ actions. This was a disgrace to the respected woman who had tirelessly worked in order to give her children more than they deserved because she loved them dearly. What a travesty that the children left their rightful inheritance on the table.

This fictitious story helps to put into perspective the nonsensical behavior that can sometimes ensue in the life of a believer. Romans 8:17 tells us that if we are in Christ, then “we qualify to share all his treasures, for indeed, we are heirs of God himself. And since we are joined to Christ, we also inherit all that he is and all that he has.” (TPT)

Which begs the question, why would anyone leave their spiritual inheritance on the table based on feelings of ignorance or unworthiness? Those who have accepted Christ as their Savior have access to every single thing that Christ has access to, regardless of what color or gender you are. How absurd it would be to reject such a treasure!

He has done the work that it takes to give each of us more than we deserve. He has prepared room for us at His table and wants us to take part in our spiritual inheritance. As children of the Most High God we qualify to share Christ’s treasures. 

You are worthy. Take your seat at the table. 

This article originally appeared in LifeWay Women’s Journey Magazine – June 2020

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