2020 Vision

The year 2020 is here and a new decade has officially begun! Countless blessings are sure to transpire in the span of 10 years, if we’re looking for them with 20/20 Vision.

20/20 Vision is a term used to express the clarity or sharpness of vision measured at a distance of 20 feet. Having 20/20 vision doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has perfect vision. It just means that they see things with accuracy that others may or may not be able to see. 

Yet even if we are blessed with 20/20 vision in our physical eyes, we still may not be perceiving everything that there is to see. Spiritually speaking, there is always something more. Yet the temptation is that we become so distracted by what lies behind us that we lose our vision and we can’t see with accuracy what is right in front of us. We’re so focused on the past that we miss the beauty of the present and the abundance of the future.

The Israelites were struggling with this very thing when God told them through His prophet Isaiah, 

            “Do not remember the past events, pay no attention to the things of old.

LOOK, I am about to do something NEW even now it is coming. Do you not perceive it? 

The reason why the Israelites were having trouble perceiving all that God had in store for them is because they were too busy paying attention to the past. But once they began to look at their circumstances with spiritual eyes, they could see that God had something new and wonderful ahead, just as He does for you and me. 

Friends, we get to decide if this next decade is going to be filled with the same old things or if we are going to let God exceed our expectations. 2020 is the year that God plans to new things in our lives, in our marriages, in our children, in our churches, in our workplace, and in our community. He will give us the 20/20 vision we need to perceive it all if we are willing to LOOK for them.

It’s time to shift our focus and look with enLIGHTened eyes because this is our decade to shine!

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