A Better View

Do you view God as hard to please or easy to please? 

In the parable of the talents Jesus details the responses of three men to their master. Each were entrusted with a portion of the master’s money according to their abilities. The man who hid the money in the ground rather than investing it had the same master as the other two men, yet he didn’t truly know the Master or His heart. 

He called the master a “hard man to please,” and this was his excuse for not even trying. However, if he had known God’s Word, he would have known that was not true of his Master.

Psalm 25:8 says,”When people turn to You, they discover how easy you are to please – so faithful and true!”

The enemy will always try to distort our view of God, telling us that He is ruthless and can never be pleased, so why even try? That is why we MUST stay in the Word of God, so that we know the truth and so that we can discover just how good and faithful He is.

He does not set us up to fail. It’s not in His nature to do so. But He does entrust gifts to us based on our maturity and willingness to try. 

Don’t let the enemy distort your view of God. There is a better view – one where we know His true nature because we know His Word. 

He is a God who is easy to please. He is faithful and true. 

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