Be a Thermostat

One bright Sunday not too long ago a group of eighty-nine women returned home from an intense and beautiful spiritual retreat. We were keenly aware that our time together was rapidly coming to an end, but the rich worship continued in our hearts like a fire!

We entered the sanctuary excited about all that the Lord had done for us over the weekend and we weren’t afraid to show it. In fact, one might say that we were “boldly approaching the throne of grace” as we raised our hands in gratitude and worship. 

As Pastor Tom Lowe took the stage, he made this statement, “A thermometer is useful for reading the current temperature, but a thermostat SETS the temperature. Today these ladies are the thermostat that has lit this place on fire!” 

What a great analogy! We have the same opportunity to be not just a thermometer in our spiritual lives, but to be the thermostat, setting the temperature of our lives and the lives of those who are around us . 

When others look at our walk with the Lord, do they see a person who is only slightly illuminated, letting her light shine only when she’s around other Christians? Or do they see a woman who is totally lit up for the Lord and is radiating His heat and light to everyone that they come into contact with? 

Are we content to read the temperature, allowing someone else to dictate if we are hot or cold? Or are we actively setting the temperature around us, dialing up the heat day by day? 

I can tell you which instrument I’d rather be. What about you?

Lord, let us be a thermostat on fire for You! 

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    1. Love you, Friend! We prayed for y’all’s retreat in Bible Study this morning. I know that God is going to light up those women for Him just like He did for us.

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