Diving In

Summertime is here and there’s only one way to beat the heat and that’s by diving into the swimming pool.

Both of my girls are really strong swimmers. In my former years, I was a lifeguard and swim instructor, so as soon as they could hold their heads up, I had them splashing around in the pool. As the years passed, they became more and more confident in the water as I worked with them. Ready, hold your breath, now kick, move your arms like a clock. That’s it! You’re doing it! And before long they were jumping off the diving board like a boss.

But the thing about a diving board is that it’s best used for dives. Yes, you can make a better splash by doing a cannon ball, but if you want to enter the pool gracefully, you must dive in head first, which is harder by far.

This year my youngest daughter stood hesitantly at the edge of the pool with her arms straight overhead and head down but when the time came to jump, she would lift her head and flop in the water face first. After several times of doing this and me saying over and over again, “Put your head down, Ella. You can do it,” she finally did and glided into the water beautifully. She had a huge smile on her face as she surfaced and said, “I want to do that again!”

Watching Ella learn to dive reminded me of how often I hear the Spirit say, “April, get your head down in my Word. Stop looking around at what other people are doing and dive in.” Sometimes it takes a few face flops before I get it, but once I do glide in gracefully, it feels wonderfully refreshing. And I want to do it over and over again.

The law of the Lord is perfect, refreshing the soul. ~ Psalm 19:7

2 thoughts on “Diving In”

  1. Thanks for this reminder! For me I get frustrated because I might not be as far along in my walk as I think I should be, or someone else knows more so I give up. I just need to put my head in His word and keep moving forward for me.

  2. Exactly! The enemy tries to get us distracted to the point where we give up reading God’s Word altogether. Keep diving in, my sweet friend! Much love to you today and always.

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