Choosing to Trust

I don’t know about you, but for me it’s hard to relinquish control. 

I am a firstborn child who likes everything to be in tiptop order. Yet, it never fails that just about the time that I think that I’ve got everything all figured out, a big curve ball gets thrown my way. 

Now, why in the world would that be?? Isn’t it clear that I have the best plan in place and if we all follow it then success will surely be granted? Ahhh, the life of a control-freak. 

It’s then that I hear the voice of the Lord spoken through His servant David in Psalm 37:

“Give God the right to direct your life, and as you trust Him along the way you’ll find He pulled it off perfectly!

Oh, how I needed to hear these words and release this tight grip of my perceived control and open up my palms to Him. Here’s the deal: He’s in control no matter what. But I can make the choice to GIVE Him the right to direct my life, trusting Him implicitly or I can be hard-headed and do things my way. The choice is mine to make.

However, the blessing that I find on the other side of that relinquished control is that He always has and He always will be able to pull everything in my life off perfectly! 

Lord, I choose to open up my palms today and trust You implicitly. 

4 thoughts on “Choosing to Trust”

  1. Mallory Williams

    You just don’t know how many you helped with this story today!! I love your amazing words and sweet friendship!! Some times I just have to tell God I’m taking the step of faith and going to let go of my controlling side and give it you. But then i always seem to come back trying to control everything. God is so amazing and wants us to adore and love him by giving it all to him!!! I’m going to open my palms today with you Friend! Lots of hugs and love to you!!

    1. April Rodgers

      Love you, Friend! You have made great strides in this area of giving Him control and God sees that. Keep choosing to trust. 💛

  2. Debbie Carpenter

    This is so true in my life. I also am the first born child and always thought it was my duty to make everything perfect. How crazy is that, when all I need to do is give it to God and he will do what’s best for all situations.
    Debbie Carpenter

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