Jesus Is the Answer

The end of the school year is rapidly approaching and that means that final exams are underway. I got tickled at a photo of a student’s final exam in which there was an exceptionally hard question. The student wrote down in big letters “Jesus is always the answer,” to which the teacher responded, “Not on this question / -5.”

Nice try! The student was giving the “Sunday School” answer in hopes of receiving a little mercy on their test score. Yet the teacher was not amused with the answer, even if I was. 

But I wonder, how often am I answering the Lord’s questions to me with a Sunday School answer, not even bothering to search His Word before I respond in a trite manner?

For example, suppose He asks me, “Why aren’t you praying to me anymore?” And I respond with, “Because Jesus already knows my thoughts.” That’s technically correct. But Paul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5 that it is God’s will through Christ Jesus that we “pray continually.” This is the better answer.

Or how about if He poses the question, “Daughter, why aren’t you sharing your faith in Me with others?” But I give the excuse, “Why do I need to do that when Jesus is already the Light of the World?” Again, that’s correct: Jesus is the Light. But when I dig a little deeper I find in Matthew 5:16 that Jesus wants me to let my light shine so that the Father is glorified. Again, there is a better answer to the question.  

Jesus most certainly IS the answer, but that should not stop us studying His Word so that we can intimately know our Subject. That is how we please the heart of the Teacher, by having a true relationship with Him. It’s there that we find not only the “correct” answer, but also the best answers in life.

Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own. ~ Jeremiah 33:3

2 thoughts on “Jesus Is the Answer”

  1. Brenda Brister

    Over a week ago a terrible tornado ripped through Ruston, Louisiana. I kept praying for the Lord’s protection as my husband, my little dog and I took cover in the bathroom. Trees were falling all around and all you could hear was the boom as they hit the ground. For four minutes I prayed for God to protect us. We had no damage to our home but many around us did.
    Today the weather is suppose to be bad again. As I was on my way to work I was continually praying for God to protect this community. I felt silly to just continually saying that prayer. Then when I got to work this E-mail appeared and reassured me that it was okay to continue to lift this prayer up to the Lord. He is Good all the Time!!!!
    Thanks for reinforcing my belief in prayer!

    1. April Rodgers

      Brenda, I am binding my prayers with yours for safety of our area. You are right: He is good all the time!
      Much love to you!

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